Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Center For Health And Wellness Law, LLC A Public Interest Law Firm?

No. We are a for-profit legal consulting firm. We charge our clients an hourly rate, which we believe is quite affordable in the legal consulting marketplace.

Does The Center For Health And Wellness Law, LLC Ever Help Individual Consumers Or Patients Who Feel Like They Have Been Wronged By A Health Care Provider Or Health Insurer?

No. The Center does not engage in filing lawsuits. Typical clients are health and wellness providers, insurers, brokers, and wellness companies who seek regulatory compliance assistance.

Does The Center For Health And Wellness Law, LLC Sue Organizations On Their Clients’ Behalf?

No. We do not provide court litigation services. We do represent our clients in front of licensing board or government agency disputes in states in which we are licensed to practice law, but we do not file documents with a court of law.

Why Is the Organization Called The “Center For Health And Wellness Law, LLC?

We wanted our organization's name to reflect the type of work we do and the clients we help, rather than using the names of the persons who deliver the services. Using the word “Center” implies that we not only provide legal consulting services to clients, but we also provide educational resources and expertise in health and wellness law.

Where Are The Center For Health And Wellness Law, LLC’s Clients Typically Located?

Our clients are located all over the United States. Because many laws that impact the health and wellness industries are federal in nature, we are a good resource for health and wellness regulatory compliance for clients from all over the country.