Health Coaching Products

Improving Legal Access and Compliance for the Health and Wellness Industries

Save over $1,000 if you buy the package. Includes coaching services agreement, policies and procedures, training videos, educational acknowledgement form, independent contractor agreement, disclaimers, terms & conditions and privacy policy for website, copy of The Tug: Finding Purpose and Joy through Entrepreneurship, copy of Rule the Rules of Workplace Wellness Programs plus a one hour consult with Barbara Zabawa. For descriptions of each item, hover over the individual item.
Need help with understanding legal concepts important to health coaching practices more generally? These on-demand one-hour (approximately) training videos will walk you through legal topics such as basic legal concepts, risk evaluation, legal entities (LLC vs. sole proprietorship), insurance, HIPAA privacy, scope of practice, intellectual property, and contracting with others. PDF copies of the slides are provided with each training module so you can follow along and take notes. Save almost $100 buying as a package, or pick and choose the modules you want.
This comprehensive Legal Requirements For Life & ICF agreement is between the coach and a client that sets proper expectations between the parties including the coach’s role, payment terms, provides informed consent, and minimizes the coach’s legal risk; includes coaching authorization form. Can be adapted for health, spiritual, relationship, and lifestyle coaching practices.
Basic policies and procedures to be used internally by the health coach. The policies address the coach’s proper use of social media, communications, storage and disposal of health information, release of health information and what to do in the event of a breach.

Workplace Wellness Products

Improving Legal Access and Compliance for the Health and Wellness Industries

Are you wanting more workplace wellness compliance training? Earn your workplace wellness compliance credentials through the Wellness Compliance Institute.
Download a free workplace wellness compliance checklist to give you an idea of some of the compliance issues that arise in a typical workplace wellness program.
A comprehensive spreadsheet that walks you through various aspects of your workplace wellness program and helps you determine compliance success and gaps. A great way, do-it-yourself tool that helps you examine your workplace wellness program’s legal risk.
This comprehensive text book educates the reader about various federal and state laws that impact workplace wellness programs. A must-have resource for any workplace wellness program or professional.

HIPAA Compliance Tools

Improving Legal Access and Compliance for the Health and Wellness Industries

Download the full HIPAA privacy, security, transaction code sets and data breach rules from the Office of Civil Rights Website.
Are you looking for both HIPAA and international data security compliance guidance? You can download for free a security framework developed by HITRUST that your IT professionals can use to help ensure you secure your sensitive data in the most up-to-date and compliant way possible.
Basic HIPAA privacy policy template, guidelines and  security forms that you can modify to meet your organization’s needs. HIPPA privacy policy template forms are cross-referenced in the policies and procedures document, available separately for purchase.
Basic HIPAA privacy and security policies and procedures templates. Must be tailored to your organization’s needs. Can be used by health and wellness coaches looking to adopt HIPAA policies and procedures even if not technically subject to them.

About Us

Barbara is the founder and President of the Center for Health and Wellness Law, LLC, a law firm dedicated to improving legal access and compliance for the health and wellness industries. She is also lead author of the book Rule the Rules on Workplace Wellness Programs, published by the American Bar Association and contributing author of Law for Fitness Managers & Exercise Professionals. She is also author of The Tug: Finding Purpose and Joy through Entrepreneurship. She is a frequent writer and speaker on health and wellness law topics, having presented for national organizations such as WELCOA, National Wellness Institute, HPLive, Healthstat University and HERO.

Barbara J. Zabawa is a Clinical Assistant Professor for the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in health law and compliance, health informatics law, entrepreneurship and health professions career development.

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What We Do

Center for Health & Wellness Law, LLC: The "Go-To" Best Law Firm For Healthcare And Wellness Companies, Providers, Coaches, CAM and Functional Medicine Providers

The health and wellness industries are highly regulated by federal and state laws, as well as sub-regulatory guidance in many cases. To stay on top of all these regulations while trying to improve the health and wellness of individuals and populations is daunting to say the least. The Center for Health and Wellness Law, LLC exists to be your compliance partner so that you can focus on delivering valuable products and services that make the world a better place to live. Read how our help desk services in wellness, healthcare, employment, privacy and Affordable Care Act (ACA), as well as our wellness program evaluation, consult, policy/procedure and training services can help you.
An advocate is someone who has your back and seeks an outcome that meets your best interest. The Center for Health and Wellness Law, LLC prides itself on being a strong advocate for health and wellness professionals and organizations. The Center aims to achieve the best results for health and wellness professionals facing licensing disputes, employment disputes, legislative change or by developing guidelines that help improve individual health and well-being.
Health and wellness professionals or organizations that need help with various legal transactions should turn to the Center for Health and Wellness Law, LLC. Our firm has experience with creating or reviewing a variety of contracts. We are also adept at creating new entities, and go the extra mile to make sure that you address other necessary items when starting a new venture.

Center For Health & Wellness Law Mission Statement

The Center provides legal advice, resources, trainings and advocacy to help health and wellness start-ups or existing companies operate in a compliant and optimal manner, which ultimately benefits patients and improves population health. The Center is a boutique law firm that understands, appreciates and shares in the goals of the health and wellness professionals and wellness companies.

Through its training services, the Center educates and promotes compliance, standards and best practices in the wellness industry, including the workplace wellness industry. The Center’s educational programs are an opportunity to convene various…


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Center for Health & Wellness Law’s Mission Statement

Improving Legal Access and Compliance for the Health and Wellness Industries

Barbara J. Zabawa
Founder and President
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Healthcare and Wellness Lawyer
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Case Studies

Important Health and Wellness Cases, Laws and Rules
Compliance Case Studies

A client with a state-issued professional license came to us to help them expand their practice beyond their state borders. This client had the potential to acquire many clients from out-of-state but they were not licensed in any other state but their home state. T..

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Advocacy Case Studies

A client held multiple state licenses and was the subject of a complaint in an outside state. That complaint led to licensing board actions being taken in multiple states. It is common for licensing boards to discipline licensed professionals when out-of-state lice..

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A client had developed numerous training and educational materials to help others live healthier lives. This client was an influencer and was invited to many speaking engagements to discuss their approach to a healthy life. Numerous companies expressed interest in ..

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June 7, 2022

Employer Wellness Program Legal Issues : Another Employee Wellness Program Lawsuit Emerges

As predicted by our law firm, more employees are starting to oppose workplace wellness programs as a result of the AARP v. EEOC lawsuit from 2016. The latest lawsuit involves employees of the City of Chicago in Williams, et. al v. City of Chicago, 20-cv-420 (N.D. Ill. 2020). City of Chicago employees, who are unionized, […]

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June 6, 2022
Can Health and Wellness Coaches Get Sued?

The short answer is “yes.” But the real question that coaches should ask is “How big is the risk?” According to some research[1] by our law firm of 31 state laws on the unlicensed practice of medicine, conducted from January through May 2022, the vast majority of the surveyed states had not taken any action […]

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June 3, 2022
Can Wellness Professionals Ask Clients about Gun Use and Ownership?

With all the mass shootings as of late, wellness professionals like health coaches, wellness coaches, functional medicine providers, integrative health specialists and holistic healthcare providers may be itching to help wellness program participants feel more safe and secure. After all, what is wellness without a sense of safety? Studies have shown that households with firearms […]

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