Why Workplace Wellness Professionals are Best Equipped to Handle the COVID19 Vaccine Mandate Debacle

There. I said it. The federal government’s attempt at instituting a COVID19 vaccine mandate is a debacle. President Biden’s announcement on September 9, 2021 of a vaccine mandate has turned into legal and political chaos.

Ever since the release of the COVID19 vaccine mandate rules from OSHA (covering employers with 100 or more employees), the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) (covering certain health care workers), and the White House (covering federal contractors), courts have been blocking implementation of those rules. Specifically, federal courts have found the rules unconstitutional and/or exceeding the executive branch’s authority. They have also noted that the rules are both underinclusive and overinclusive, meaning that they don’t protect enough people from the alleged “grave danger” that COVID19 presents, but also don’t consider the real risk that many people face, particularly those that work alone or in areas that don’t pose much risk of infection.

In response to these rulings, the federal government has suspended implementation of the COVID19 vaccine mandate rules for most workplaces.

This brings us full circle from when COVID19 vaccine mandates were merely a decision of each employer, which was the case last summer. Read more here.