What is the Difference Between a Health Coach and a Wellness Coach?

This is an interesting question, as many organizations lump the terms “health and wellness” together when talking about coaching. As a wellness lawyer who serves a lot of  health coaches and wellness providers, I do think there is (or at least should be) a difference. Health coaches try to help clients achieve health goals. This works best when done in tandem with licensed healthcare providers. Health coaches are ideal to include as part of a health care provider’s services, and many health coaches find jobs working within health systems and physician clinics. Hopefully those opportunities will continue to grow. Any such arrangement though should follow state and federal laws for compliance. Our firm can help create and review contracts and protocols to address legal risk.

What Services Do Wellness Coaches Offer

Wellness coaches arguably imply a broader scope of services. Wellness is about achieving optimal living, which includes health, but also includes finances, lifestyle, balance, relationships, inner peace, spirituality, just to name a few. Wellness then is the umbrella; health is a spoke in that umbrella. If your ultimate aim is to work with licensed healthcare providers and complement the work they do, then perhaps you should call yourself a health coach. If your aim is something broader and you see yourself working outside the traditional healthcare system, I think wellness coach is a more fitting term.

Our firm has created numerous resources for health and wellness coaches and consultants just like you. We have created a starter kit for launching a health or wellness coaching business, as well as training videos to learn more about the legal basics of starting such a business. We specialize in making sure you feel comfortable with your coaching or consulting practice from a legal standpoint, so that you can deliver the best services to your clients. Contact us today to help your coaching or consulting business thrive!