The Fate of Telehealth and State Licensure Laws Post-COVID19, and How Wellness Programs can Adapt

Many wellness providers and programs want to take advantage of the increasing availability of virtual platforms to deliver health and wellness services to patients and clients across the United States. This is particularly true for companies that have employees scattered in multiple states. It is easier for those companies to contract with one vendor to supply health and wellness services, which may include health coaching, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) or counseling services, to name a few examples. To make that possible, and legal, however, the workplace wellness programs need to consider state licensure and telehealth laws, because both matter when delivering health services virtually. This blog post will describe typical state and federal telehealth laws and typical state licensure laws, how those laws generally changed during the COVID19 pandemic, and the current status of those laws as companies move forward with creating effective workplace wellness programs. Read more here.