Easy Essential Legal Documents For Health and Wellness Coaching


The Essential Legal Documents Package will provide you with all the materials you need to create legal documents. This package includes paper forms and exclusive legal templates that make it easy to complete legal documents online for any health and wellness business or coaching organization.


Coaching Services Agreement

This comprehensive Legal Requirements For Life & ICF agreement is between the coach and a client that sets proper expectations between the parties including the coach’s role, payment terms, provides informed consent, and minimizes the coach’s legal risk; includes coaching authorization form. Can be adapted for health, spiritual, relationship, and lifestyle coaching practices.

Health Coaching Authorization Form for Release of Information

This form is for the business and life coaching client to give written permission to the coach to use sensitive information for coaching business purposes.

Full Disclaimer and Release Form

For coaches who just need the disclaimer and release language for coaching clients, this form sets proper expectations about the coach’s role and the use of the client’s health information.

Professional Legal and Basic Polices and Procedures for Coaching Best Practices

The Professional and Basic Legal Coaching Policies and Procedures for Health Coaches are a practical guide to the responsible use of information, disclosure of information, and privacy in person-to-person health coaching.

Terms & Conditions for Website

Sets forth terms and expectations for proper use of the coach’s website or platform.

Privacy Policy for Website

Sets forth privacy and security expectations in regards to protecting and using information disclosed through the coach’s website or platform.

Educational Seminar Acknowledgement Template Format

This Educational Acknowledgement form is designed specifically to acknowledge personal and professional information shared at the educational seminars you conduct. This form aims to set expectations between attendees and presenters so that both parties feel comfortable sharing their personal information.

Basic Independent Contractor Agreement & Acknowledgement Form

This agreement can be used when hiring help for your coaching, Lifestyle, Chiropractic, business coach, or other supporting roles. We provide all types of Independent Contractor agreements, From basic independent contractor agreements to more complicated agreements.

Group Coaching Agreement

Do you provide group coaching sessions? If so, this form will help set proper expectations within your group with regard to keeping sessions confidential..


Save hundreds of dollars by purchasing the Essential Legal Documents package instead of purchasing each separately. Included in this health and wellness coaching legal starter package are:

  1. Coaching Services Agreement – https://wellnesslaw.com/product/coaching-services-agreement/
  2. Client Authorization Form – https://wellnesslaw.com/product/coaching-authorization-form/
  3. Practice Policies and Procedures – https://wellnesslaw.com/product/polices-and-procedures-for-coaching-practice/
  4. Educational Acknowledgement Form (for group seminars) – https://wellnesslaw.com/product/educational-acknowledgement/
  5. Independent Contractor Agreement – https://wellnesslaw.com/product/independent-contractor-agreement/
  6. Disclaimers for your website and promotional materials – https://wellnesslaw.com/product/website-disclaimer/
  7. Terms and Conditions for your website – https://wellnesslaw.com/product/terms-conditions-for-website/
  8. Privacy Policy for your website – https://wellnesslaw.com/product/privacy-policy-for-website/