Health Coaching Legal Essentials Package & Documentation Templates


Save over $1,000 if you buy the package. Includes coaching services agreement, policies and procedures, training videos, educational acknowledgement form, independent contractor agreement, disclaimers, terms & conditions and privacy policy for website, copy of The Tug: Finding Purpose and Joy through Entrepreneurship, copy of Rule the Rules of Workplace Wellness Programs plus a one hour consult with Barbara Zabawa. For descriptions of each item, hover over the individual item.

Coaching Services Agreement

This comprehensive Legal Requirements For Life & ICF agreement is between the coach and a client that sets proper expectations between the parties including the coach’s role, payment terms, provides informed consent, and minimizes the coach’s legal risk; includes coaching authorization form. Can be adapted for health, spiritual, relationship, and lifestyle coaching practices.

Health Coaching Authorization Form for Release of Information

This form is for the business and life coaching client to give written permission to the coach to use sensitive information for coaching business purposes.

Full Disclaimer and Release Form

For coaches who just need the disclaimer and release language for coaching clients, this form sets proper expectations about the coach’s role and the use of the client’s health information.

Health and Wellness Life Coaching Disclaimer Template

Before you start your coaching business, it’s important that you have a coaching website that clearly states your qualifications and services. A website disclaimer ensures potential clients know you’re a legitimate coach before they make an appointment. The more details you include, the better chance of getting people to book your appointments.

Professional Legal and Basic Polices and Procedures for Coaching Best Practices

The Professional and Basic Legal Coaching Policies and Procedures for Health Coaches are a practical guide to the responsible use of information, disclosure of information, and privacy in person-to-person health coaching.

Terms & Conditions for Website

Sets forth terms and expectations for proper use of the coach’s website or platform.

Privacy Policy for Website

Sets forth privacy and security expectations in regards to protecting and using information disclosed through the coach’s website or platform.

Online Legal Consultant For Insurance Brokers, Wellness Companies, EAP Companies, and Healthcare Providers - One Hour Legal Consulting

Whether you’re a seasoned health coach with an impressive track record of effective coaching or an Insurance Broker professional, Or Maybe You are an EAP Company or Healthcare Provider the One Hour Legal Counseling service can help. Schedule a 1-hour consultation with lead attorney Barbara Zabawa to discuss your legal needs or questions.

Group Coaching Agreement

Do you provide group coaching sessions? If so, this form will help set proper expectations within your group with regard to keeping sessions confidential..

Educational Seminar Acknowledgement Template Format

This Educational Acknowledgement form is designed specifically to acknowledge personal and professional information shared at the educational seminars you conduct. This form aims to set expectations between attendees and presenters so that both parties feel comfortable sharing their personal information.

Basic Independent Contractor Agreement & Acknowledgement Form

This agreement can be used when hiring help for your coaching, Lifestyle, Chiropractic, business coach, or other supporting roles. We provide all types of Independent Contractor agreements, From basic independent contractor agreements to more complicated agreements.

The Tug: Finding Purpose and Joy through Entrepreneurship

Authored by Barbara Zabawa, The Tug offers insight into starting a new business, from financial and legal considerations to marketing and finding your niche. Using real life examples from her own ventures (both product and service-based)

Rule the Rules of Workplace Wellness Programs

This comprehensive text book educates the reader about various federal and state laws that impact workplace wellness programs. A must-have resource for any workplace wellness program or professional.

Training Video: Introduction and Evaluating Legal Risk

In this video, CEO and Founder of the Center for Health and Wellness Law, LLC, Barbara Zabawa, introduces the training modules and talks about how to evaluate legal risk. For most businesses, but especially for health coaching, decisions are made based on how much the business owner can tolerate legal risk. This training video explains that decision making process so you can feel comfortable moving forward.

Training Video: Legal Foundations

In this training module, Attorney Zabawa gives you a crash course on basic legal concepts such as lawsuit terminology, the hierarchy of different types of law and how those sources of law may impact a health coaching practice. This module is a critical first step in fully understanding subsequent modules.

Training Video: Legal Entity Options & Insurance

Are you wondering what type of legal entity is best for your coaching practice, or what types of insurance you need for your coaching business? Then don’t miss this training module. Attorney Zabawa explores the differences between LLCs, Sole Proprietorships, S-Corporations, and C-Corporations and which ones might be best for a health coach practice. She also covers different types of liability insurance that a health coach may need, and makes some recommendations of insurers at the end.

Training Video: Scope of Practice

One of the biggest legal risk areas for health coaches is making sure their practice stays within the bounds of health coach practice. Though health coaches may not be regulated by any government authority directly, they must still pay attention to state licensing laws and other laws that can lead to legal trouble if violated. In this training module, Attorney Zabawa explains the different licensing laws and other state laws that coaches should be aware of when deciding what services to deliver and how to market those services.

Training Video: Data Privacy & Telehealth

Most coaches collect data from their clients, often through telehealth platforms, but may be unclear as to what data privacy laws apply to their practice.  This training module covers the applicability of HIPAA and state privacy laws to health coaches, and discusses whether telehealth platforms may offer sufficient data security protection. Health and wellness coaches will leave this training module with a much better understanding of your data privacy and security obligations.

Training Video: Contracts and Intellectual Property Law

As a health coach, you will (and should) be entering into written contracts with different stakeholders, such as your clients, other companies, and employees or independent contractors. This training module explains the basics of contract law and what agreements are important for a successful health and wellness coaching practice. The training module also covers intellectual property basics, such as trademark, patent and copyright and when or whether health coaches should be investing in protecting their intellectual property.


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