Drafting a Licensing Agreement for Wellness Material Use

A client had developed numerous training and educational materials to help others live healthier lives. This client was an influencer and was invited to many speaking engagements to discuss their approach to a healthy life. Numerous companies expressed interest in using these educational materials for their employees or members. The client wished to protect their work product so that these other companies would not poach their ideas.

How the Center for Health and Wellness Law, LLC Helped

Our firm drafted an intellectual property purchase agreement that allowed the client to freely sell their materials while protecting them from poachers. The purchase agreement also allowed the client to generate sufficient revenue from the sales so they could continue with their mission to help others lead healthy lives.

Drafting a Clinic Purchase Agreement that Allowed for Smooth Transition to New Owner

A wellness provider was interested in selling their clinic to a newer practitioner, but was not yet ready to retire. Instead the provider wanted some time to train the new practitioner but also give that practitioner a stake in the clinic while the transition between owners occurred.

How the Center for Health and Wellness Law, LLC Helped

Our firm was able to draft a purchase agreement for the retiring practitioner so that the new practitioner had some financial stake in the clinic at the outset, but not full control until the original owner retired. Both parties to the agreement benefited from the purchase agreement terms, which is important as they intended to continue working together for a few more years until retirement occurred.