Helping Client Keep Their Medical License

A client held multiple state licenses and was the subject of a complaint in an outside state. That complaint led to licensing board actions being taken in multiple states. It is common for licensing boards to discipline licensed professionals when out-of-state licensing boards take action against a licensee.

How the Center for Health and Wellness Law, LLC Helped

We were able to negotiate with the state licensing board an ability for our client to keep their license. This prevented some other state licensing boards from taking action, as well as allowed our client to continue practicing their chosen profession.

Helping Wellness Professional Defeat a Noncompete Agreement

A licensed professional sought to quit their job at a large health system so they could open their own functional medicine practice. The professional was subject to a noncompete agreement with the health system. The health system was refusing to allow the client to start their own functional/integrative medicine practice.

How the Center for Health and Wellness Law, LLC Helped

After reviewing the client’s employment agreement with the health system, our firm contact the health system legal counsel and pointed out the ambiguous language in the agreement. Because the language was ambiguous and there was no indication that our client would be competing with the health system as a functional/integrative medicine practitioner, we successfully negotiated a resolution that permitted our client to open their practice.