ACA Repeal and Replace Bill

Here is a copy of the ACA Repeal and Replace Bill proposed by the House Republicans. It removes the individual mandate and replaces it with a continuous coverage incentive. That is, if an individual cannot demonstrate that they did not have a gap in health insurance coverage for more than 63 continuous days in a year, an insurer can charge that individual 30% more in premium. The Bill also creates a “Patient and State Stability Fund,” which allocates money to states to be used for a variety of purposes spelled out in the Bill. Many of the purposes are to help stabilize the individual health insurance market. Other purposes include promoting participation in the individual and small group market and promoting access to preventive services. The Bill allows insurers to vary premiums by age by 5:1 (or more if the State so provides) instead of 3:1 under the ACA, makes significant changes to Medicaid (such as setting target expenditures in Medicaid) and removes funding from the Prevention and Public Health Fund. The Bill also prohibits federal funding to for one year to health centers that conduct abortions except in the case of rape, incest or endangers the life of the mother. The Bill DOES NOT impact the ACA nondiscrimination rules as applied to workplace wellness programs or the nondiscrimination provision relating to provider license types. As these proposed changes become more clear, the Center for Health and Wellness Law, LLC will provide updates.