What the Election Means for Workplace Wellness
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  • Published: November 16, 2016

Regardless of your politics, you may wonder what happens next for wellness initiatives under new leadership. Professor Tim Jost wrote a very helpful blog post on the possible fate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Although no one at this point knows what avenues the new administration might take regarding the ACA, change is almost certainly on […]

Life after Obamacare
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  • Published: November 15, 2016

Read and listen to Barbara Zabawa’s interview on WUWM regarding how the Trump administration may impact the ACA.

When it comes to health behaviors, the wellness industry is quite familiar with the concept of levels of risk. Some people, despite knowing about the safer health choices, choose riskier health behaviors. They may choose to smoke, eat fatty foods, to not exercise, or to manage stress in self-destructive ways. Those choices are not necessarily […]