The Center receives these types of questions frequently.  In a recent case, Golden v. Indianapolis Housing Agency, No. 15-cv-00766 (D. Indiana), the U.S. government issued a statement of interest explaining the government’s interpretation on what an employer should do when an employee who has exhausted family leave because of a medical condition asks for additional […]

The recent decision by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against LabMD is interesting on many levels.  For wellness companies and others who may not be HIPAA Covered Entities or Business Associates, however, the case should serve as a wake-up call regarding the FTC’s stance on the importance of data security.  In short, the FTC expects companies that […]

ADA Notice vs. GINA Authorization
  • By: admin
  • Published: August 4, 2016

The final rules released by the EEOC regarding the applicability of the ADA and GINA to workplace wellness programs include provisions relating to issuing notice to employees when collecting their health information. This notice does not need to be signed by the employee, but it does need to contain certain elements, such as what information […]